Back again. Not posted for a loooonnnngg time.

Just adding a photo of my latest card from the Hello Kitty cart

Happy Birthday!!!!!

We had a birthday in the family yesterday. DD1 was 7 years old. Doesn't time fly - faster and faster as you get older:D

We went to Deep Sea World in Fife for a birthday treat and then to Frankie and Benny's for dinner.
Snowing here today although it is very sunny so it won't last long:(
Should be getting ready for B arcelona but sat here instead. Although I did buy some clothes from Matalan this morning:D

Those lovely days

Decided to have a family day out yesterday. Went for a walk to the Falls of Clyde.

Here are some pictures

The weather at home was misty and yuck but just a few miles away the promise of Spring was in the air. Sunshine made the world seem a better place.

Starting Out

Don't know how well this is going to work but hey we'll give it a go. Just another thing to add to my already busy life. Maybe having a place that is just mine will help - sound a bit of a misery guts don't I. I'm not really it's just one of those Mondays.


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