Day 11

Another quick iPhone post x

Today's word is "an item of clothing" and my photo is my comfy socks and pj bottoms which I put on when I come home from work. You can't beat pjs for comfort lol x

Day 8 - Cosy

Missed out a few days - oops, but never mind I am here now.

I am experimenting with creating a post from my iPhone.....

Today's word is cosy so when I lit my candle earlier and realised it gives a lovely cosy glow to the room I had to take a picture of it x

Days 2 and 3

Day 2 word is NEW. Popped to the shops and bought a new calendar for the kitchen. Not very exciting.

Day 3 - UGLY

Day 3 is UGLY.  The strong winds have blown 5 tiles off our roof and broken the fence between us and our neighbours.  One tile has tore an UGLY hole through the platform of our climbing frame.  Thank goodness no one was in the garden as I would hate to see the damage then.  Not sure about the grungy effect on this photo - perhaps it just adds to the ugliness lol.

01/01/12 CELEBRATE

01/01/12 CELEBRATE

I have decided to join in the 365+1 Challenge which can be found here.  Hopefully I will last all year but at the moment I'll take each day as it comes lol.

Today's prompt is CELEBRATE.  My photo was taken on Yellowcraigs Beach near North Berwick.  Rather than choosing to photograph the New Year dinner table, which was my first choice, I have chosen to celebrate the innocent joy displayed by my daughters playing on the beach.

See you tomorrow x


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